Posted by: Caleb Butler | April 19, 2010

7 months of HOPE reflected

I got to thinking about my time here in HOPE.

I came around to the realization that I am in a position of immeasurable experience.  I could tell you a small portion of how God has changed me in the past 7 months, but I cannot even begin to grasp how this will affect my life entirely.  Our HOPE director, Jesse Eubanks, spent a year in Oakland through Mission Year, which is very similar to HOPE – an inner city, urban poverty mission experience.  Jesse told me, “It changed the whole trajectory of my life.”  Wow.  One year could do that?  You better believe it.  And I’ll probably be saying the same thing about HOPE ten years from now, twenty years from now, fifty years from now.

You see, I’ve been thrown into this experience, and I’m going to be digesting things for years to come.  God is patient.  But even more than the lessons learned are the habits and hearts I want to emulate.  Service, sacrifice, discipline, love.  I will take these with me.

HOPE’s been great.  I knew it would be coming into the year, and it sure hasn’t disappointed!  I was most excited about this “radical” opportunity because of the structured program.  You know, it sounds so cool and wild to go serve at a homeless shelter for a year, but I knew that I would be in a loving and safe environment, with room to grow and learn at my own pace (I just didn’t tell anyone that because I wanted to sound radical).  God’s been good, and I’m falling more in love with Jesus.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being interested.  I hope you’re encouraged.  And of course I hope you are challenged.

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