Posted by: Jessica Rood | April 12, 2010

April Newsletter

Who are you allowing to control your life? Is it friends, family, yourself, a significant other…or God? I wish I could say it is God who controls my life at all times, but that would be a lie. I often fall short and do not give Him complete control. I try to manipulate Him. I try to distort His convictions. I pretend that I know what is best for my life.

There are times that I follow God and walk the path he wants me to. Coming and being a part of the Hope Program is a great example. I felt God calling me to missions, but I never had a passion for going overseas. Even so, I followed the path he had set. I went to Johnson Bible College to pursue a degree in missions. While I was there, I took an Urban Missions class and felt that God was beginning to fine tune my future. I had to do an internship and heard about the Hope Program; I decided to apply because it sounded different and challenging. I was starting to finally have a passion. I came for the summer and fell in love, so I stayed on for the year. If you look at my life you would think I am crazy. I went to Johnson to get my second bachelors -not a masters degree. I have one semester left at JBC and I decide to take the year off. I think about these things and it makes me laugh, but it also shows me that I have allowed God to be in control – because in the world’s eyes it all seems a little foolish and counterproductive.

Sometimes, I do not follow God’s call. Recently God has been urging me to talk to a group of ’20-somethings’ at the shelter. I chose not to because of my insecurities. I can talk to people older or younger then me without a problem, but people my age are intimidating. I kept putting it off, but then it became to late. On Friday March, 26th a teammate of mine showed me a newspaper article – one of the guys in that group had taken his own life. I could hardly speak. The worst thing was that even his girlfriend didn’t know where he was or that this had happened. Ben, a staff member, had to tell the whole group. It was heart wrenching to witness. The best I could do at the time was tell them I was praying for them as they left. There is a memorial service for him this Saturday and my teammates and I are going to it. It will not be easy, but at least this is an oppurtunity to share Christ with his friends. Please pray for the friends and family and all of us as a team. This was a hard reminder of the necessity of following God’s call.

I know that I may not always understand why, but I know that God wants me here. God brought to Louisville KY. I may not always trust in him fully and he reminds me of that daily – but more often than not I am allowing Christ to guide me. I strive to deny myself and give my life to Him. As I look back through my Journal for the last year, what I see most often is a desire for Christ to take control – because when I’m leading…things get ugly!

Let God lead your path. It may not be the easy path. It may not be a wordly path. It will not be easy giving up control…but if you do, you will be surprised how great it is. You will still have pain and struggles, but you will feel satisfied knowing that you have given your life to Christ.

Let’s keep seeking Him in all that we do.

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