Posted by: Jessica Rood | December 7, 2009

Sticks and Stones…

Sorry I started this blog a long time ago but did not get it done until now…

“Sticks and Stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me”.  Can you remember every bruise you got in high school?  I bet not but it is much easier to remember the words a bully said to you.  Words cannot physically hurt you but the emotional pain it leaves last much longer than it would take a broken bone or a bruise to heal.

Recently God has been reminding me how important words are and how encouraging or detrimental they can be.  During my summer here at HOPE about one month into the program I learned that Emily had been avoiding me because I hurt her feelings.  We worked on this and she now has a better understanding that I never meant to hurt her but it was just the way I communicated things.  The same thing happened with Linsey as well when she joined the team in September.  God has been teaching me that what and how I say something is very important.  Tone, inflection, and the words affect the meaning you are intending to say.

My speech also affects people I work with at the day shelter.  I have to be very careful how I say things.  Chuck is a good example of this.  I have to be very careful when I talk to him because his feelings can be hurt.  We can talk about serious things but it has to be in a joking type manor. I have to be very careful to explain myself and chose my words wisely.  It took me a while to learn this but it is starting to become more and more natural for me.

I can see more than ever how the way I speak affects conversations.  I don’t always choose my words wisely but as long as I keep seeking what God wants than the Spirit will lead me on what to say.

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