Posted by: jcwillyams | November 24, 2009

The Thrills of Black Friday

The Thrills of Black Friday

Shivering in a line wrapped around the building.

Shivering in anticipation.

Joking with friends in the dark of the early morning

as our breath ascends in curls.


Rubbing our hands for warmth,

relief is sure to come soon;

complimentary coffee awaits…

until supplies run thin.


We smile cordially when greeted at the door,

but our heart waits ahead.

We push through.

We move forward.


The treasure is discovered.

The price tag is unbeatable.

With eager hands we grasp it to our chest,

we move forward – eyes set to the next victory.


The thrills of Black Friday…those are the thrills of a life of homelessness.  There is something exciting and exhilarating in the unknown, but all too soon, the unknown is made painfully plain.  The cold air no longer sends an invigorating rush.  Watching your breath dance in the cold is an all to familiar re-run.  Receiving free treasures humbles you to hopelessness.  Suddenly Black Friday has spread into the veins of every day – and without a cure, the infection festers.

Like a shining star in a December sky – Hope remains.  There is a cure – even when the veins turn black – even when they run dry – redemption can still be found.  The cure is delivered to the heart.  It is received by the ear.  It is dispensed from the lips of a child of God.  It is the gospel.  With each item, each free treasure, the gospel has an opportunity to find its way to a listening heart.  God can be glorified.  The disease of hopelessness spreads fast, but a small ripple of HOPE can expand infinitely.

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