Posted by: jcwillyams | October 28, 2009

Reflections on Israel

Reflections on Israel

I went to Israel without expectation.
I went to Israel without inspiration.
I went to Israel without purpose.
   To experience – to escape – to search.

To walk the rocks that Jesus walked
  To see the Holy sites
   To pray where Jesus prayed
    To sail on the Galilee
     To wade in the Jordan
      To touch the star of Nativity
       To enter the empty tomb
      To sing songs of praise
     To travel the Via Delorosa
    To see the dead sea scrolls
   To float on its salty waters
  To climb mt Carmel, Masada, Moriah…
To enter Jerusalem

Each site – another message
Another lesson
A remnant of God’s word
  As the afternoon prayer fills the air
  As the Jewish people rock in response
  As the women plea in the tunnels of the western wall
  As the tassels of the orthodox sway
  As the little boys, in their kippah, play
Earnestly God is sought
  but lost.
   the arc is gone
    the temple is a mosque.
God is there: in the echos of the past
God is there: in the bread crumbs of the future
God is there: in the hearts of Christians

I leave Jerusalem filled with sorrow
  My thoughts are with the hands that cling to the Wailing Wall
   Hands that despratley seek God’s presence
   Hands that seek to be pure
   Hands stained with the blood of the Lamb
  “Abba” I heard the little child say
   My heart broke.
   A word so pure – Father
   If only they cried out to the Lamb – “Abba!”
I have a prayer of hope for the day that will come
  A day when the Lord will reign
  A day when the tongues of his Children will confess His name
  A day when the Wall will be but a wall
   The Arc will no longer be sought
    For the spirit of the Lord will dwell within
    And his blood will purify
and redeem
   and restore
  and heal His Holy Land.

I went to Israel without expectation
and traveled without a purpose
  Inspiration was found in the visions of the past
  and God’s expectations were made clear
I have a purpose
  to love.
   To love the Lord
    to love His people
     to love His creation
To love without fear
To love in persecution
To love when it hurts
To love when it’s helpless
  Even as I emerge from the winding halls of the Holocaust Museum
   haunted by testimonies
   followed by pictures
   overflowed with names
  Even as I gaze across Masada and see a gleam of the past
   of murder
   of suicide
   of destruction
  The temple has been restored
   it is present in our hearts
    and we are purified by His perfect sacrifice.
     We are His tools to reach the broken
     We are His tools to share His good news
     We are His tools to sing His glory
      We are His tools for Love.
We are not alone
We are strengthened by the Lord
He will provide.
He will restore.

I traveled to Israel
  The land of the Lord
   only to find
He was already abiding in my Heart


  1. That’s an incredible poem. It’s message moves my heart and I, too have sensed that sad emptiness that only Jesus can fulfill. Truly well-written; you have great talent.

  2. What a beautiful outpouring of your heart! Thank you for sharing this!

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