Posted by: Linsey Edn | October 27, 2009

Today’s lesson in Physics

Gabe walked into the kitchen with a stern look on his face, not flinching one bit while he stared right at me. I could tell I did something wrong—”Did I get his name wrong?”

Jeremy: “Hey guys, check this out!”
Me: “Wait, what…?”
*an egg explodes, covering Gabe and me with goop*

I stared sternly at Jeremy. After I got over the initial shock and regret that I didn’t duck for cover, I laughed with everybody else. J. Rood was cracking up the whole time, and I think even Gabe smirked. Jeremy was trying to teach us physics—if you apply equal pressure to the surface of an egg, it won’t break. It was also a lesson in humility and mercy. 🙂

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