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JC’s October News


Dear Family, Friends, Brothers, & Sisters,


“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty…”

“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty”


His voice was worn and off-key.  The melody was rigid and unflowing.  The extent of lyrics went no further.  But the eight words he sang continuously; those words rang, shining and clear, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty. 


One month at Jefferson Street and things are already beginning to drastically change in my life.  I can see the difference in my relationship with God and others as I begin to more closely examine who God is and the way He expects me to respond to His word and His people.  It is so easy for me to brush God off as my conscience, to respond to Him as a voice in my head rather than the master of my life.  God is challenging me to reflect upon Him in ways I never have.  To reflect upon my own heart in ways I never have:


43Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire…”

John 8:43-44


How many times have I heard the saying, “look inside yourself to find the answer? Until we are reborn in Christ, looking inside ourselves is council with the devil.  We sometimes have beautiful thoughts, but beauty can be devastatingly deceiving.

At Jefferson Street Baptist Center, the focus is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.   You can’t find that news by looking at yourself.  You can’t find that news by looking at your problems.  You can’t find that news by looking at what you want. -You find the Gospel when you look outside yourself.  The world is full of Good News.  By building acquaintances, then relationships, and finally friendships, we can demonstrate Christ’s Good News.  The Day Shelter, giving handouts, storing bags, checking mail, offering laundry, showers, restrooms, food, chapel, coffee – it’s all there to build relationships.  That is my purpose. 

Everyday about 150 Homeless men and women come in.  Many of them are new.  Some I never see again.  But there are some who come every day.  There are some who know my name.  There are some who start conversations.  There are some that ask how I’m doing.  There are some that recognize me when I’m walking down the street.  There are some that are genuinely glad to know me. I never thought I’d be friends with a homeless person.  I never thought we would change each other’s lives.  Wow.  God is good.


“Do you know that song?” he asked, stopping just a moment to do so.  As I smiled and nodded vigorously, he was already singing again.  Martin Jones is a man who loves to sing to the Lord.  He didn’t say much, but he left the song with me, and that warmed my heart.  I was learning what it meant to passionately follow God. 

The relationships that are built at Jeff Street can have a lasting change.  If that relationship can lead to God, the change is eternal.  You, your family, your friends, and your co-workers: you can all be agents of Change, conveyors of Hope, and providers of Love.  Pray for Jefferson Street.  Pray for their ministry.  Pray for the guests.  Pray for the staff.  Pray for the Hope team.  We need prayers for discernment, boldness, benevolence, grace, and mercy.  We need prayers for faith, discipline, wisdom, and knowledge.  We are trying to serve God, but we are imperfect people. 

Finally, pray for provision.  Week to week we watch God provide.  Sometimes we might be short, but He still provides.  Jeff Street has truly leapt into the Lord’s hands this year.  They have opted out of $40,000 of government funding.  This funding was hindering their ability to share the gospel…that was reason enough.  We need care-items, food, and money to keep the ministry going.  If you could be God’s answer to a prayer of provision, please step-up.


              I looked at the person serving next to me.  They weren’t impressed by Martin’s singing.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised…it was a usual occurrence.  I think many of us are numb to the gifts that God bestows daily.  I found myself questioning my own sense of self-entitlement.  What do I expect to receive in a day?  What do I deserve?  Our very lives are a gift we can never reciprocate, but with God’s Grace we can help others open the gift for the first time.


              Thank you for being a supporter.  While Christ is my foundation, you are the pillars He has provided.  When things get tough, it means so much to know that you are praying for me.  There are times of frustration, joy, sorrow, and success – some have passed and some are to come.  But today, today is a day that the Lord has made, let us spend it to honor His Glory, Amen!


In Christ,




JC Williams


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