Posted by: Linsey Edn | September 30, 2009

Second chances

He came with a stack of books under his arms, flattened one out on the table and brusquely leafed through it. “I want to be a writer,” he said. He was the second visitor to Jeff Street I met that dreamt of writing. Another man, Travis, had just received an acceptance letter to have his poems published. A former HOPE member, Asha, had spent weeks typing up Travis’s poems. Coupled with prayer, Travis is now looking forward to the day when his poems are read all over the country. But dreams weren’t supposed to come true for the homeless, or even dared to be imagined.

Ask and you shall receive (Matt 7:7). It takes great humility to ask G-d for help, especially in the most dire of circumstances. The more a man spirals downward, the more he clings to his pride. But this is a requirement for all of us: to humble ourselves and bring to the L-rd our hearts and minds.

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