Posted by: Darrell Johnson | September 26, 2009

Haaave Mercy.

Did any of you watch Full House back in the day??? You know that show with Dad, his three daughters, the daughters’ uncle, a golden retriever, and some guy who told “jokes” who is often mistaken for a cousin of the family; when he was really just a friend to the dad and the uncle. Did you ever watch that show???

The uncle, uncle Jesse, often times repeated the expression, “Haaave Mercy.” It was catchy, so catchy that I’ve included it in this web log (or blog). Why??? Why not…”Have Grace” or “Have Peace”??? There’s just something about mercy that stands out; whether it be a game you played growing up as a child or the original Greek translation of “Eleos” (el’-eh-os)…mercy is memorable, it stands out. It’s a gift that only God could give and that we are called to share.

Okay, so maybe the game of “mercy” is something that we shouldn’t be sharing (after all I once went to the principle’s office because of it); but rather the outward manifestation of pity that is mercy…that’s what we should be sharing. As it was mentioned earlier, mercy is the free gift for the forgiveness of sins and is related to the misery that sins brings. The famous biblical scholar, James Strong, concluded that “God’s tender sense of our misery displays itself in His efforts to lessen and entirely remove it. Grace removes guilt, mercy removes misery.”

Hmmm….”mercy removes misery.” When you put it that way, I can’t help but ask myself…am I pursuing to be merciful or do I even acknowledge God’s mercy in my own life or do I take it for granted? 

Working at Jeff St. this past Summer taught me a lot about God’s mercy and the importance of pursuing or at least acknowledging it. Being aware of the Lord’s mercy for us all is a step in the right direction, it motivates our hearts to be obedient and practice what we preach. Now you don’t have to work at a homeless shelter to be merciful, but I believe to fully appreciate and better understand the relevancy of mercy on this third rock from the sun we must look at the mercy and love that was shared by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (check out Matthew 26:31-46). So, want to help someone out who is miserable? Or maybe you, yourself, feel as such…then share, in both word and deed, the Love and Mercy that is only found in the Gospel.

Oh LORD, guide us all.


  1. I actually thought of Uncle Jesse when we started the Ministries of Mercy book. >_>

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