Posted by: Jessica Rood | September 22, 2009

Back In Louisville

Summer Hope Team ended Aug. 14th and the year started on Sept. 8th.   During the break I went on vacations with my family and saw friends.  It was so so good to see my family but it was really hard being away from everyone.  When you live with people in a community like Hope you grow so close to each other.  The first week was the worse.  Not being with the same group of people all the time.  It got better but I still missed the women on my team.  I thought getting back to Louisville would be easier but in fact it was the opposite.  I miss the girls even more just because I am back in the same setting without them.

It has been a few weeks now and we are starting to get in the swing of things.  Training is done and we are now back to running the day shelter.  It is so great to see everyone again.  So many people are glad we are back but to me it is bitter sweet that they are still here.  I love everyone one of the guests but wish they would find a house and all their problems would all be fixed.  All in all it is good to be back and working toward the goal of helping people find a place to live and establishing a relationship with Christ.

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