Posted by: Jessica Rood | August 10, 2009

If you would have told me a year ago…

….That I’d live in Kentucky for a year and a half.

….I would love the city more than the country.

….That watching the sun set with interstate traffic in the background would be breath taking.

….I would not be finishing at JBC in Dec of 09.

I would have thought you were kidding.

God has changed my life. Even before I went to college I had a heart for missions.  I decided not to pursue this because I thought I needed a better degree than a Bible college degree.  I would not change the 4 1/2 years I spent at Lock Haven University for anything though.  I learned so much about who I am.  I learned that my faith was not my parents’ but actually mine.  In January of 07 I decided that I wanted to go to Bible College an pursue missions.  The only country I have even been to is Canada.  I have never left the US.  I have gone on some short term missions in the US.  My thought on missions was that it had to be out of the country.  I did not know where God wanted me.  I assumed it was out of the country but never really had a heart for it.  In January of 08 I started my first semester at Johnson Bible College.  I still did not know where I was supposed to go.  I finished up my first semester there and still did not have a passion.  I was getting nervous about an internship.  I started back to class the next Aug.  I was taking an urban class.  I had never thought about urban ministry.  Not once did it ever cross my mind.  It was here my passion for the city started.  It is so awesome to have a passion.  I had never really had one in my life.  I thought I would kinda just float by. The Lord is teaching me so much while I am at HOPE that even if I never life in the city again I can take anywhere.  It is so cool to see where I have come in a year and I’m sooooo looking forward to where I will be in a year!!

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