Posted by: Kiana Bullard | August 5, 2009

Final HOPE newsletter

Friends and Family,
I can hardly believe that it is the end of the summer and my time here in Louisville is coming to a close.  It feels like yesterday I was eating at the opening dinner.  I can remember being nervous and excited all at the same time, and now this place has become my home, a place where I find love, support and a family.  I will honestly miss Louisville, Jefferson St., our neighborhood, and all the friends I have made.  I have many thoughts spinning through my head: what have I learned in my time here in Louisville,  what is next for Jeff St. as I leave and what is next for me in this journey of life.
This summer can be summed up in one phrase for me: intense spiritual growth.  From day 1, God was teaching me and revealing Himself to me in ways that I had not seen before.  I have a deeper desire to know God’s word, apply it to my life and be able to speak its truth into others lives.  I have seen God teaching me the importance of repentance, grace, forgiveness, and unity.  God has given me a clearer picture of what the body of Christ looks like fleshed out.  He has also increased my passion for people and my desire to continue my language training.  Also throughout the summer God has stepped on my toes, in a good way, to reveal sin in my life that I had been ignoring.  My  team leader, Lindsey, told us on one of the first days here that God had been revealing sin to her here more than ever before.  I have seen this happen, both in my life and the lives of others.  God has revealed to me how comfortable we as Americans have become, and at times we choose comfort over building relationships with others.  I am challenged to take action to change instead of simply voicing my desire for change.
Jefferson Street has also been challenged with this as they take action to make improvements.  Jefferson Street has recently severed ties with some government financial agencies so that they will be able to preach the gospel more.  Through this, Jefferson Street has the responsibility to make up the difference of $40,000 dollars to continue to run and minister to the men and women here.  Jefferson Street is in great need and as the body of Christ we are called to help our brothers and sisters when they are in need.  Please do not forget about Jefferson Street and if you are able to support Jefferson Street financially it would be greatly appreciated!  Jefferson Street would also like to continue to lead a women’s ministry here.  We have been doing a women’s Bible study this summer, and it will be continuing this next year.  Please be in prayer for Jefferson Street as they are seeking to be Christ in both word and deed to the guests and residents they see daily.  Pray that they would continue to serve those who are in need with a Christlike attitude.
This summer I have seen my passion for the Spanish language increase greatly, I have had the opportunity to use my small language skills to speak with some of our Spanish-speaking guests and residents.  After this summer I will return back to Wayland Baptist University for my final year of school.  After graduation, plans are up in the air, but after this summer and seeing my passion for the Spanish language grow I would like to become fluent.  I also have seen my passion and desire for the youth and college-aged people strengthened.  They have so much energy and drive, and I would like to harvest that for the kingdom of God.  Please pray that I will use Godly discernment and wisdom to make a decision about what is next for me.
I want to thank everyone for all your prayers and financial support.  It is greatly appreciated and was definitely felt this summer.  The HOPE program is still in need of financial support as we finish out our summer term.  If you are able to give, it would be greatly appreciated.  You can send donations to Attn: HOPE, 733 E. Jefferson St., Louisville, KY, 40202.  Put the fund ID: HOPE-SO9-KB1 on the memo line.  Once again thank you for all your support! 
Pray that as I return to finish up school that I would not forget what I have learned this summer.  Pray that I would be able to apply the lessons I have learned to my life and that change would happen.  Pray also that I keep my focus on Christ and am fearless for the Lord.  Continue to be in prayer for Jefferson Street and all that they are taking on this upcoming year.  If you would like to receive the Jefferson Street newsletter, you can send an e-mail to or visit the website  This will help keep you informed about what is going on at Jefferson Street.
Thanks for all the Godly support you have provided!

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