Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | August 4, 2009

My Last Newsletter


I cannot believe that I am writing my final newsletter and that my term with the HOPE program will be over within two weeks.

This morning, I went to an African American church and ran into a man who used to be a resident at Jefferson Street. We caught up for a bit as he told me that he was now working for a painting business and had a home. I talked on the phone earlier this week to a girl around my age who had been homeless for three years and now has a place to live in Ohio. There is a former Jeff Street resident who comes in to volunteer and who is able to still come in and talk to staff and friends about his struggles. This past Saturday I went to a festival put on by a local church in the park . This park that is usually considered dangerous was transformed into a place where families could come and neighbors could meet and have fun. Since moving to Louisville and working at Jeff Street, things like these have become beautiful to me.

It is these big and small victories that I look back over the past year and celebrate. There have definitely been times when the struggles and sorrows of others and myself seemed to outweigh the victories. And there are definitely plenty of folks who have not yet had the opportunity to celebrate. In all of these people’s lives, I must be confident and trust that the Lord is not finished yet.

The past year has had some deep valleys and high mountain tops. I remember times of feeling alone, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, dry and hurt. And then I also remember those times of laughing uncontrollably, building new friendships with someone, having a snowball fight with day shelter guests, and seeing the Lord slowly change someone’s heart.

I remember coming into this year thinking that I was the one who would be helping these people. I trust the Lord has used me and worked through me to help those I have encountered since being here but I also believe that the Lord has used them to change me. Since being here this year I have been humbled in so many ways. The Lord has revealed more sin in my life this past year than any other time in my life before. I have seen where I lack patience with others, where I get mad when things do not go the way I planned for them to, where I put my worth in other things or people, etc. I have learned how to better handle conflict and have experienced many reconciliations with others. I have also learned how I cannot fix everyone and am not called to do so. Sometimes I am called to simply listen and be a friend.

My director sent me an email today saying that he was just rambling but spoke some wise words. He said, “We live in a world full of God-sized problems so that we will remember how dependent on Him we are. We can only do what we can do – and we have plenty of limitations.” I have definitely experienced this over the year. I have experienced being at the end of my rope and saying “God I don’t know what to do and have nothing left to give.” And in the midst of thinking that I have failed I hear Him telling me that it is ok. And then I am humbled at the thought of thinking I can do it alone and realizing that I cannot. There have been so many times this year where I have had nothing left to lean on and through this have seen more and more of my sin and limitations and my need for God.

My plans for after the HOPE program are to move to Louisville. I am not sure of all of the details at this moment but am confident that the Lord is calling me to move here. I am confident of the desires and passions the Lord has given me and know that He didn’t give them to me for no reason. I am excited to be able to continue to volunteer when I can and see more of the details unfold for what the Lord has planned to do with these passions.

I want to thank all of you for all of your support. You have been a blessing to both me and to Jeff Street. Thank you for your financial support as well as your prayers. As I am finishing up the HOPE program, I desire to still be connected with Jeff Street through volunteering and various other opportunities. I want to encourage you all to continue to help out Jeff Street as well. Right now, Jeff Street is in a financial bind because we recently cut ties with a government organization that used to give us $40,000 per year in order to be able to more freely and effectively preach and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are willing and able Jeff Street would be blessed by your financial giving. You can give financially online by clicking on “donate now” at or by sending checks to 733 East Jefferson Street Louisville, KY 40202. Thank you once again for all you have done over the past year.


Lindsey Albertson

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