Posted by: Darrell Johnson | August 2, 2009

thanks summer of 2009 HOPE team

I became aware of the HOPE program back in the summer of 2006 and right then I felt the Lord tugging at my heart strings. It doesn’t really make sense why a guy from a town that’s known for its popcorn and Tyson feed mill would wish to pursue a ministry for the homeless and urban poor. But since I was about eleven years old, I’ve been aware of those who had less than what I had and it spoke to my heart and made me alert to things that are often times overlooked or completely ignored in all. Now this isn’t to make me look like a saint, because I am far from perfect…and quite frankly I would hate to be perfect (is that an oxymoron?).

Since the summer of 2006…I would think of the HOPE program and there would be times previous to this summer when I would find myself asking “why didn’t I join HOPE earlier???” or “what would my life be like now had I followed the Lord’s call for my life back then???” But this line of questioning really doesn’t get anything done, besides God has a plan and my being here now as part of the biggest HOPE team ever was not a mistake.

Permit me to brag on my teammates. This group that I have had the privilege to work with has, by far, been the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. And if any of you (my fellow teammates) read this, THANK YOU. Thank you for teaching this guy so much. Thank you for serving, thank you for reminding me at times why we’re here, thank you for being and setting Godly examples in this community. Thank you for recognizing that we can’t do it on our own, and for encouraging me to do the same thing. You all are amazing folks and don’t forget that. You’re not amazing by your own merit (and I’m sure that you’ll be the first to agree with that) but you all are what you are through your faith. It’s through seeking out the Lord and adhering to his TRUTH and for living in the fact that you are loved unconditionally by Jesus that you so selflessly decide to embark on such a wonderful opportunity to serve. Now this isn’t to say that you’ve never had bad days or moments when the alarm clock was your enemy, but still you all press on and you acknowledge the necessity of seeking refuge in the love of a Holy God.

Some of my teammates are going back to school, some are getting ready to embrace some significant life changes, while two of them are sticking around with me here at Jeff Street for the next year and I encourage all of you on the outside looking in to keep them in your prayers. If you’re friends with them, personally, give them a call and tell them how much they mean to you. After all that just seems like the nice thing to do, right???

Like I said earlier…I became aware of the HOPE program back in 2006 and I’m so glad that I didn’t join then (no offense fellas from ’06), because this has been a fine team to work with and I will miss them. Well enough of this Doogie Howser M.D. stuff (j/k).

Thanks summer of 2009 HOPE team, may you keep seeking out the Lord and taking refuge in Him. Whether it be during times of celebration or distress seek Him always, the One Who deserves all Glory and Praise. Lord we thank You, first and foremost.



  1. That was very nice! I am looking forward to working with you for the next year :)!

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