Posted by: Kerry Spencer | July 21, 2009


We HOPE guys were walking downtown one evening when we ran into one of our regular Day Shelter guests, Eddie. As we walked up to greet him, it became clear that he had been badly beaten up. He had a bandaged-up, bloodied eye and scrapes on both arms. He told us his ribs were sore too. A gang of young guys had jumped him and taken all he had: $2 and a cell phone. I was saddened to see Eddie’s scars but maybe more upset by his bruised spirit.

I remember watching the HOPE video before coming here. It began with some homeless folks holding up cardboard signs with words describing homelessness: exhausting, embarrassing, miserable, etc. One of the words stuck out to me though: dangerous. I didn’t really get it at first. Now I get it. Over the months here at Jeff. St., I’ve heard of frequent muggings, people getting hit by cars, tents being burned down, guys getting violent at their campsites after having too much alcohol, and more. This is not to mention the health problems that come from overexertion, neglect, and exposure to the elements.

All the more reasons why the homeless, as well as the rest of us, need to find refuge in the Prince of Peace and the God of all comfort. All the more reasons why the people of God need to be ministering to the homeless.

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