Posted by: Jessica Rood | July 18, 2009

Two to many fights for me!

It is Saturday again the day we do our community out reach.  Today we started off the day with prayer.  Four weeks from yesterday is when the summer team will be leaving.  We have been starting to discuss plans for what happens after Hope.  This has been leading to many discussions on how we do not want to focus on leaving but  focus on the here and now.  Yesterday we had Hope Gathered which is a day when all the Hope team members get together.  Yesterday the girls did a worship service and our theme was perseverance.  This was also the theme of our prayers this morning.

Since we have lived here we have not seen to much hurt.  Things have been going a long very smoothly.  This has allowed us to become complacent and comfortable.  We prayed today that we would not be comfortable.

We were walking around the neighborhood.  As we were walking back to our house we started to notice people on the streets.  I thought it was good but it ended up not being so.  As we were rounding the corner a car shoots up the sidewalk and almost hits a team member.  We quickly crossed the street.  We say a friend that we are getting to know and asked what was going on.  She said that it was over a someone hitting someone else. We stayed talking to her for a few more minutes.  The guy came back several times.  As we parted ways we made dinner plans for tomorrow.

We got back to the house and had lunch.  Some of the girls went over to our neighbor house, Miss Nancy.  She is a Christian and wanted to give us facials.  Kiana, Emily, and I were cleaning up lunch.  As we started to walk to our neighbors house.  We started hearing yelling and screaming.  A fight on our street starting happening between our next door neighbor and one across the street.  We quickly walked over to Miss Nancy’s house.  She is friends with both neighbors so she went out and broke up the fight.

Emily, Kiana, and I just came back and prayed and just talked about how much we have to do.  All this has helped us went to do more.  All in all its not good but it still makes us want to but our all in this city and just love!

I have to go get my facial now!

God Bless!

Update: When we were getting our facial Miss. Barb came over to apologize.  Miss Nancy said that is awesome because when she first moved on the street that would not happen.  She has seen some amazing growth in her.  Miss Barb and her husband are getting more active in church.

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