Posted by: Matt Norton | July 18, 2009


Have you ever known that there is an unease, a discontentment in your life that causes a disturbance in your daily living but you don’t know what the root of the problem is?  Have you told yourself on good days that everything is better and whatever the problem was has mysteriously left? I have.  I have been struggling to have a joyful heart to serve and love people.  I find myself caring less about others and focusing more on myself and my desires, pleasure, and fulfillment.

When I realized there was a problem, that I had no joy in serving others and living a sacrificial life for Jesus, I tried to assess myself.  I thought, “what am I doing wrong? I read my Bible. I pray.  I serve in a homeless shelter.  I’ve got an amazing bunch of believers around me.  What’s the problem!!”  I’ve been racking my head to try and figure this out.  I still praise God for his blessings every day but something has felt dry and empty.

Last Sunday I went to church with some guys from Jeff Street.  My heart was not prepared to worship.  All I could think about was how a nap seemed like a much better idea than going to the service.  As the service started we sang a few songs then we read some scripture that reaffirmed some of God’s promises to his children, which really helped me. Soon after, our teaching pastor, Daniel, got up and started his sermon.  He talked about how the Israelites in the time of king Asa (and in the time of many other kings of Israel) had lost God.  It says in II Chronicles 15:3, “For a long time Israel was without the true God”.  They had essentially lost God and were trying to do life on their own. They gave their worship and praise to idols not to God.

When Sojourn pastors preach they look at the scripture and see how it is can inform and transform our hearts.  They look to see how the scripture is really a mirror into our lives, revealing our sinful heart and desperate need for God.  In doing that with II Chronicles Daniel reminded us that we are quick to wander and therefore have lost God.  We so often turn from God and his promises to our ways and our desires.  As he was preaching that I thought to myself over and over again, “yes, I have lost you God.  I am not seeking after you.  Help me!”  It struck home for me.  I have an emptiness, an unease because I am not seeking God.  I am not content in him alone.  I am looking to other things to bring me contentment and satisfaction.  Although, I know that I am to give everything to God and rest content in Christ I have a tendency to forget.

Daniel did not end his sermon on the fact that we have lost God.  If he did we’d all be in trouble. Thank God for the hope He gives us. Daniel read II Chronicles 15:1, “The Lord is with you when you are with him.  If you seek him, he will be found by you”.  God is gracious and wonderful because even when his people turn from him and lose him he still take them back if they stop, turn, and seek him.  I am not doom and forever lost and estranged from God.  I have hope.  If I turn back to God I am promised that I will find him.

That sermon, along with other people and situations have been a good kick in the pants for me.  I had been somewhat passive in my time with God and in my seeking to please him.  I am now making an effort to actively seek God and his pleasure.  I have not made a 180 degree turn this week but my heart is yearning after God more than it had.  I am turning from my selfishness more often and seeking the good of others.  Pray for me and for all those who have lost God.  Pray that we will turn from our ways and seek God because we are promised we will find him and that’s no small thing.

Love in Chirst


  1. I also heard that sermon and was very challenged and moved also. I also remembered what he said about not resting on YESTERDAY’s seeking God,
    but to renew it daily, or something to that effect.
    Sometimes its hourly for me. Thanks for sharing

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