Posted by: Darrell Johnson | July 14, 2009

just doing something

So…all you blog readers out there, I am happy to share with you that after much prayer and counsel, I have decided to stay on with the HOPE team for the next year. Just two weeks after arriving at Jeff St. I called my brother and told him my plans to stay on, out of his wisdom he suggested that I wait and not be too impulsive with such a decision. So, I waited. I waited until “Come and See” Day this past Saturday at Jeff St. Why wait until then??? Well, I felt as if I owed it to my parents, to let them fall in love with this place the way that I have and as sure as God is good, they understood where I was coming from. It was great to hear them admit that they were a little out of their comfort zones, but it was even greater to hear that they were behind me 100% in this decision and that they wished that there were more places life Jeff St. and that more people knew about the ministry that goes on here. 

To my fellow HOPE team members, I want you all to know…that you, according to my mother, “disprove any notion that young people aren’t good for anything”. She was quite impressed with you guys and gals. So thanks for being a part of my parent’s fine time here at Jeff St. on Saturday, thank you for sharing and for serving, and most importantly thank God for the way He is working in all of our lives.

Recently I felt as if God has been telling me to stick around and, as our latest book that we’re reading is titled, “Just Do Something.” He’s been speaking to me through His Word, the people that I serve with, and the people that I serve. One of the residents here asked me if was going to stay on after the Summer, when I gave him an indecisive answer he quickly followed with, “I think you should, you’re good at what you do.” And I must admit that I enjoyed hearing that, but quickly I realized that what I do is nothing that I “do.” What we do as HOPE team members goes far beyond any selfish aspiration or skill of our own. What we do is because of the compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, what we do is a reaction to the fact that we understand that we can do nothing apart from the Lord. By that I mean, life just seems to make more sense when we recognize that God is in control and realize that He is our provider, our source of energy, and our joy. It’s not always easy to accept the fact that we are accepted in the eyes of Christ, for there are many times when we are easily apt to beat ourselves up and count ourselves short of the Grace that only the Lord can give. And all the while, Christ is there to pick us up.

And in my own feeble attempt to imitate Christ and adhere to His Love, I feel convicted to remain here at the shelter and continue to serve those that the Lord has called me to serve. Not for any glory or recognition to benefit myself, but rather to glorify the Lord. After all that’s where all the glory should go, isn’t it? (the answer is: YES)

So again thanks for all your prayers & support and thanks to my teammates, staff, guests, and residents who have encouraged me to stay on and continue to invest in some special people, people who inspire me daily to check my heart.

Please pray for our conversations and interactions, pray for the safety of the shelter, and pray that we will be aware of the fact that God’s Will is going to happen and there’s nothing that we can do to change that. Pray for all of our staff, volunteers, guests, residents, and my fellow Hope team members and their families.  Take care and God Bless.

“The questions is not: ‘How many people take you seriously?’ ‘How much are you going to accomplish?’ ‘Can you show some results?’ BUT: ‘Are you in love with Jesus?'”
Henri Nouwen

“Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”
Galations 1:10

OH LORD, guide us all.

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