Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | July 14, 2009

challenged once again

This past weekend we had Come and See day where families and friends were invited to come and see what all goes on in the HOPE program. My family came up and it was great to see them and spend time with them.

During Come and See day, Jesse had asked Lenny to come and speak and tell his story to the guests that day. Lenny was homeless and traveled the US for many years. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol as well. Lenny came to and lived at Jeff Street for a little over a year and while here, he became a Christian. Since then the Lord has changed his life and he has been sober and drug free for 19 months. One thing I love about Lenny is that you can absolutely tell that he is in love with the Lord and he is one of the most giving people I have ever met.

When I saw Lenny this past Saturday, I got to sit down with him and talk for a little while. We talked about art and God and the entire time he was filled with excitement as he told me about his plans to use his art to give back to people. Lenny now has an apartment so I asked him if he had met anyone in his apartment complex. As soon as I asked this question, his demeanor changed. He talked about how he just stayed to himself, painted, and read. He said that the reason he does this is because people he used to run around with live in the same building as he does. He seemed torn as he said, “I know it’s not the gospel when you stay to yourself like that. You’re suppose to love others and share God’s love with them.” He was torn because he was afraid of getting caught up in the wrong crowd and falling back into drugs and alcohol again but desired to tell them about Jesus..the one who changed his life. Lenny said that he knew God had put him there for a reason and he wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.

It is amazing to see the ways that the Lord has transformed Lenny’s life. I have learned so much from him. I have been challenged by the way he gives so freely and lovingly. Please pray for him as he is dealing with living a drug free life right next door to those he used to run around with. Pray for him as he is a light and an example to those in his apartment complex. His life has changed and I am confident that people will notice that.

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