Posted by: Emily Shemwell | July 13, 2009

A Transforming Love

Thoughts originally written on July 8, 2009…

I am continually amazed and astonished by God’s love and grace for His children. Last week on several occasions, our Father’s love for His children humbled me once again. How did I ever take such a love for granted? How did I ever forget His amazing grace? So many times I have done just that… I’ve completely lost sight on what was done for me, and all mankind, on the cross. I forget the pain, suffering and sorrow that Christ bared because of God’s love for the selfish, prideful, impatient, judgmental, doubting woman that I am. Christ went through all of these trials for me?!

I can’t fathom His love. I can’t fathom His grace.  I can’t understand why the Creator of the Universe would care for a little speck of sand like me in order to let His Son die so that I will never be separated from Him. I can’t logically comprehend this love. All I know is that it’s real… It’s alive… It’s true. How? Because I have and continue to experience His love with every ounce that I am. It’s a love that, no one else, as hard as they will try, will be able to give to me. It’s a love that always takes me back to Calvary and the burdens that were carried for me on that cross. It’s a love that transforms… And, it’s transforming me.

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