Posted by: Kerry Spencer | July 12, 2009


I had dinner tonight with several of my teammates and a few of their friends who I just met today. These are college kids so much of the discussion was about “what are you studying?” and “what do you hope to do after school?” It’s always fun to hear the diversity in people’s interests and dreams. Unfortunately, dreams don’t always come true.

I sometimes think about our homeless guests; what were their dreams? I’ve never heard of anyone dreaming of being homeless or going to jail or gaining an addiction. These things come by an assortment of bad decisions and bad circumstances, which literally could befall any of us. This is the fallen world in which we live.

Sadly, it seems the further down people fall, the smaller their dreams become. It becomes a dream just to get their own apartment. Just to get back in the workforce. Just to be reunited with family. We all want a place to call our own. We all want a purpose to fulfill. We all want to have peace within our family. We see these as the basics. It is sad when they become dreams.

Even if we have unfulfilled dreams, if we have these essentials, we should be extremely grateful. God has been good to us. The ability to chase our higher dreams is just an added blessing.

Fortunately, beyond all of this, there remains the hope of a place where “there is no more death or mourning or crying or pain” (Revelation 21:4). This is the hope of the Gospel. This hope exceeds our wildest dreams.

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