Posted by: Lena Thompson | July 10, 2009

How to Clip Jesus’ Toe Nails

It is easy sometimes to forget that people are people when you only see certain people in one particular setting. Sometimes I get really frustrated with our homeless ladies because we are trying to help and they are just so hard and mean. I know, because I am a woman that sometimes it is hard to separate one situation from another. If my dog died it is hard to be cheerful when everything else in my day is fine. The men in the shelter seem to be able to shut out that part about having a miserable life long enough to have a pleasant conversation, while the women sometimes are just cold. Maybe it is because I am a woman and they dont’ think that it is fair that my life is more comfortable. I know that if i lived in that kind of situation and saw other women living a comfortable life i might get a little cold too (honestly).

But yesterday was one of my favorite days at the shelter so far. We decided last week that we were going to do a weekly Bible study with the women and along with that offer a weekly “salon/spa” service. Each lady team member took a week and a service to take charge of and I chose to  do this weeks (the first one) I would organize and Bible study with Pedicures.

As soon as I volunteered I started praying and just got all of these great ideas that i know were from the Lord, because frankly I am not that creative.

So after much help from the team members we threw all of this together rather quickly. We got almost all of the supplies donated including tubs, nail supplies, robes, and even some food.

Talking about John 13 while they soak

Talking about John 13 while they soak

When these hard worn out ladies walked in and put on those robes and ate the food they slowly but surly started relaxing. I shared John 13 how that Jesus was the ultimate servant. I talked about how that night he humbled himself to the lowest level and then the next day gave his life, and how Jesus was a servant and he calls us to be  a servant and that is why the HOPE team is here this summer and doing these pedicures today. I then shared how Jesus told Peter that unless Jesus washed him, he could not belong to Jesus, and i proceeded to share the gospel.

As we gave the pedicures so much joy filled the room, it was almost like a big girl slumber party of everyone sharing their lives and their stories, eating food and loving on one another. When we sat on the ground and cared for their means of transportation and survival- which were not as prim and trimmed as most women… we finally connected in a way i had been praying for. I could tell a difference even this morning coming into the shelter, the connection the women had to the women HOPE team members. I am finally encouraged  about this last month and our ministry with the women.

My lady

My lady

Matthew 25:40
“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me

….so… i gave Jesus a pedicure…. nice.

Im not that good of a painter.

I'm not that good of a painter.


  1. Sister, that’s an amazing testimony of God’s love. Thank you for your creativity in spreading his love and showing his glory.

  2. Lena,
    What a beautiful lesson in loving and caring for people just like Jesus did!
    Friends of ours did ministry to missionaries and they told the story of a man who went into full time ministry as a missionary and all he did was care for peoples feet and share the gospel. He’d go into nursing homes, etc and tenderly care for the feet of the patients and share God’s love,
    Scripture also tells us that the feet of those who share the gospel are Beautiful!! You my friend, have beautiful feet.
    Love, Hope

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