Posted by: Jessica Wilson | July 10, 2009

A thank you to my friend Kerry Spencer

Kerry, I don’t know if you remember this or not…or perhaps if you think this is weird that I am writing my blog about you, haha… but something that you said a while back in a conversation we had stuck with me and during my quiet time today really spoke to me about bearing the fruits of the Spirit and the kind of person I should be striving to become.

I’m not sure what was going at the shelter or in my head at the time, but I remember being so distraught in thinking that I was talking, talking, talking all the time and not really getting to know people or listening to them . When I asked your opinion on me…  i.e.  if you thought I talked too much and was annoying you said,


The Bibles says we should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.”- James 1:19


Obviously, that’s not what I wanted to hear because I wanted your personal opinion of me. So, I probably whined a little and asked you something like, “What?! Does that mean you think I don’t listen enough and that I really do talk too much?!” and you just replied basically saying that you thought everyone could stand to listen more and talk less. Honestly, those few words have convicted me every since. I remember that whole week just making it a point to develop and portray a gentle and quiet spirit and to really just listen to people and understand what they were saying before I rambled out something.

What I realized today as I was mediating on the fruits of the spirit and what true love looks like is that you spoke in love, because you spoke in the truth from the word of God.  Instead of so easily answering me from your own opinion and your own perspectives you were gentle and encouraging, yet very blunt and truthful. You weren’t judgmental and that left room for allowing God to do the working and convicting in my heart. So, thank you for just being obedient and being a servant 🙂

I just want to take the fruits and apply them to my daily life. To reflect them in who I am. When I speak, I want to speak the truth. Gods word. Not what I think it should say or mean, but what is clearly written. I want to speak the truth in love and encouragement and allow the Lord to do the convicting, not me. It’s not my job to know or understand the hearts of those who surround me.  I don’t want to continuously feed people a bunch of words, or my own sinful thoughts and judgments. I just want to be obedient in knowing that He is enough, without my help, to make others bear His image and work as He pleases!!


  1. You’re welcome friend. Guess I just got lucky that day.

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