Posted by: Darrell Johnson | July 6, 2009

a rather long day / an unexpected alarm

Today (Sunday) was rather long, on many occasions I found myself praying for endurance and peace. One of the great things about Jeff Street is that its open 365.25 days of the year; it’s the first place I’ve worked at that’s open that much, even churches (or gathering buildings) are closed some days of the week or year, but not Jeff Street. There were many things that were on my heart and mind today and the day’s events just drained me. At times I feel that I must be the troubleshooter or peacemaker of every misunderstanding that occurs, so that I can bring a sense of harmony to all life, YEA RIGHT.

Truth be told, I can do nothing on my own. I am not a peacemaker nor am I a troubleshooter, I don’t work for WAVE 3 here in Louisville. Only the Lord can guide my words and steps and only Christ can show me the true example of making peace in my feeble attempt to do so. When the Lord is taken out of the equation and we try to do everything ourselves, things just go haywire. I don’t care if you’ve been a believer all of your life or you’ve just recently decided to invest in a relationship with God, when we turn away from Him or feel that we’ve got a better way to get things done…then something’s not right, things do not get resolved. Instead, we permit a breeding ground for sin to thrive and brother is pitted against brother. Maybe that’s why conflicts, unnecessary conflicts, are as prevalent as they are in this world that we live in. A sad truth that applies to my life just as well and for that repentance is due. Maybe if I TRUST and OBEY in the Lord, like the old hymn says then something else will happen. My day may not be as draining and my focus not so blurry.

The scheduled part of work here at the day shelter came to a close a little after 3:00, which was followed with a group Q & A over a book that the Hope Team is reading…then 4:00 came about and then a brief nap. Now why do I bring up a nap??? Well it was a fine nap, there’s no denying that; however, I woke to the sound of an unexpected alarm…in the form of a crime taking place down the street. Instead of my cell phone waking me up, I heard “I swear to God! I have no money man!” This was repeated four or five times less than a hundred and fifty yards away from our open window in our bedroom and there was no snooze button cancel it out nor was there an “easy button” to make it all go away. Yes, what I witnessed from my room after I got up was two young men on bikes knocking someone else off of their bike and onto the ground. The person on the ground took out his wallet and papers fell out like confetti, when the two guys on the bikes didn’t go down to collect anything it was apparent that the man they attacked was telling the truth. It may have not led to broken bones or major scars/bruises, but still it was an assault (on someone who was telling the truth). They exchanged more words and eventually traffic picked up and the two aggresors sped back to where they came from. It was a sad sight, I was so confused and didn’t know what to do. The “cop” in me wanted to go down there and take care of the situation or at least try to break it all up. But all I did was sit and wonder, then prayer followed. It hurt my heart to know that such goes on a daily basis and that such pain persists because of sin in this world. Sin endures within this earthly realm, because it’s satan’s last hoo-rah, at getting folks to stay stuck. I’m not saying that Christians are perfect, no not at all, but when we try to look beyond our own sin and revert our attention to the Cross and to the example of life that was led by Jesus we openly tell the prince of darkness that he and all that he has to offer does not take priority over our lives. And though there are times when we falter, there’s this amazing grace that offers us the gift of life anew. And I am still amazed. Thank You Oh Lord, for saving me. Thank you for Your Son and the compassion He shows us daily.

Would my yelling out the window to those guys hitting on that dude have changed anything, I’m not sure. But the least I could do was pray. So with that I encourage you all to keep the folks out here in prayer, not just the urban poor/ poor in Louisville, but all over. From your small town to your bigger town…please pray that peace takes precident in the hearts of man. And that God will be sought by those hearts and that the name of Christ would be professed. Pray for our salvation and the salvation of others as brothers and sisters, pray that we do not get tired and become complacent; but that we would instead grow concerned with the wellfare of our neighbors and share the love of Christ to all we encounter.

OH LORD, guide us all.

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