Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | July 4, 2009


Last Thursday I finally did something I have been meaning to do for a while, (being a procrastinator and not being a planner doesn’t mix too well sometimes). Myself and a few other folks spent the day out in front of Jeff St talking to folks and asked if we could take their picture for an art piece we are doing to educate others about homelessness. The whole thing went really well. Guests were interested in helping us out and seemed into what we were doing. It gave me more insight to homelessness as well.

This week, the guy who took photos with me brought his computer and was showing me how to edit light, color, etc on the photos. As we were going through the photos, everyone of them made me smile. They made me smile, not only because they looked great, but because they were of people I love. They were photos of people with stories to tell, some of which I knew and some that I don’t. When I looked at their faces, I just felt this deep love in my heart. The other day we were pulling up in front of Jeff St and as I saw guests standing around out front, the words “I love you people!” came out of my mouth out of nowhere. And I know that this joy and love I feel for the people here could only from the Lord and I am so thankful and blessed that He would give me such a love and passion for those experiencing homelessness.

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