Posted by: Jessica Rood | July 4, 2009

It all started with a Banana Explosion

Every other week we have HOPE gathering.  It is when both the men and women’s team meet with Jesse (our director).  Yesterday the discussion was about addiction.  It really came to practice today.

Saturdays are our ministry day in the community.  We decided to start the morning out with prayer.  We prayer for about 30 mins as a group and then we went to the local part to run/walk and pray some more as  individuals.  We first got up to the park we noticed fire trucks.  There were two people standing on the sidewalk. Some of us went over to them to see what happened.  A fire started at 1:30 AM last night.  Four people were killed and five were taken to the hospital. The girl was a friend of one of the victims.  We stopped and prayed from them.  So please Pray for their family.  Two that died were children under seven.

As I continued to walk around the park, I rounded a corner and I saw a woman, Tanya, carrying a bag. I said Hi and walked past her but not too far.  I asked her how she was doing.  She said not too good.  Her bag just ripped and her banana exploded everywhere.  We walked a little ways talking.  I got her a new garbage bag at the local mini mart.  My team mate Lindsey was coming around the conner at the time and Tanya wanted me to walk with her a little.  Of course I didn’t want to go by myself so I asked Lindsey to go with me.

As Lindsey approached, she told Tanya she use to live down the street from her last summer.  We walked and talked.  Tanya needed clean pants.  We did not have any to give on us so we went to the local church which hands out clothes.  We thought that it did not open until 12 and it was 11:35 so we sat on the curb and talked.  Tanya was very open.  She talked about her drug habit and addictions.  This is where our meeting yesterday helped so much.  We all just talked about addiction.  She, like Tim (see July Newsletter to read more) believed in God.  She asked why people had addictions and why they were all different.  Lindsey stated that it is because people try to satisfy their self with different things.  This opened up the opportunity to share that only God can satisfy you.  She seemed to understand but didn’t want to believe that Jesus could change you.  We talked until 11:55 and I realized that it was the 4th of July and the closet wasn’t  open. I had not thought of that earlier but if I had we would have never had that conversation.  We walked a little farther to see if another place was open but it was not.  So we called the rest of the team to see if they could run to Goodwill to get pants.  We ate at the local soup kitchen with her.  We then went to the park and waited for Emily and Kiana (my other team members) to bring the pants they had bought.  She got changed. We were walking to the bus stop where we were going to depart and she asked how much she owed us.  Lindsey said “Nothing but your friendship.” and like a child she smiled and said, “You already have that.”  We hugged and asked if there was anything that we could pray for.  She said, “yes” to find an apartment, for find the friend she was looking for, and that she can straighten out her life.

Lindsey and I were walking back and starting talking about Tanya.  Last summer Lindsey met here and has had a few brief encounters but nothing major.  Since she first met her a year ago, Tanya has consistently been on her mind.  Before I met Lindsey in the park she was praying for Tanya.  As she came close to me while still praying she said that I was talking to her.  I did not realize who this was.  I remembered Lindsey had talked about her in the past.  We were walking home and praying.  Then a man was coming toward us.  Lindsey then said Hi.  It was a guy that use to go to Jeff Street but is now in rehab.  We then meet another lady who was coming over for dinner and was so happy to see us.

Today has been a day of divine interventions.  It is amazing what happens when you pray for it.  God always has the doors open you just need to walk in to them.

Please Pray for Tanya that she does become clean and clings to Jesus and that we will have have the opportunity to have more intereactions with her.

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