Posted by: Lena Thompson | July 1, 2009

July News Letter


I am so excited to be writing this letter because of the many exciting things that the Lord is doing in my life! The daily struggles and victories of working in a homeless shelter and living in such a diverse community keep me growing and learning in the grace and mercies of our father. This is truly a season in my life that will forever change me and that I will never forget.
The shelter proves every day to be exciting in a new way. You all know how I love to talk so even during office work or working in the kitchen it is always great to talk to people. One of the hardest but most rewarding jobs at the shelter is just talking to people as they come in and are waiting to do laundry or to take a shower. I love to sit down and talk to them about their lives and just be a servant in caring for them and having conversations with them. Pray that I don’t get so caught up in task that I neglect the relationships that are an open door to show the love of Christ. It is so much easier to invest in task and check-lists than to invest in relationships that could effect the kingdom of God for forever.
Our shelter is feeling the impact of the normal summer tithe slump. We struggle every day trying to work around the needs and lacks at the shelter. We are asking businesses and churches to work together and provide things that we take for granted, specifically razors, deodorant, sugar, Cereal/ breakfast foods, and toothbrushes. I would challenge you to go in with your Sunday school classes or small group and choose one item and see how much of that item you can buy as a group. In toiletries alone we serve no less than 60 people a day, and our supplies run short very quickly.
Outside of the shelter we also do ministry in our neighborhood. Living in the Shelby Park area is such a great opportunity to reach so many types of people. It also give us an opportunity to be creative with our ministry ideas. This Saturday we handed our Popsicles and  talked to children and parents at the park, along with prayer walking and doing small acts of kindness for our neighbors. Last week we drove a woman to the emergency room and waited to see what the doctor said. I will never forget the look on her face when she found out that we cared enough to not only drop her off but to stick around to see what else we can do. It is so amazing to see how God uses small acts of kindness to advance his kingdom.

Another aspect of this experience that I did not think about was living with the other six girls in my house. It is rare to be in the company of six other girls that have the same passion for the Lord and urban America as I do. The accountability and encouragement that i receive from these girls has been remarkable. I never thought about how much my life would be changed through them.
I can’t write a news letter and not include the biggest news in my life right now. Along with this demanding ministry the Lord is doing mighty things in my life in other ways. On father’s day this year I  took the day off and went home to visit my father then on the way back spent some time with my boyfriend who lives here in Louisville. While we were walking along the river he proposed! So I am engaged and will be getting married on October 25 this year! Keep and eye out for an invitations!

Thank you so much for your prayer and support during this exciting and crazy time in my life! Pray that I do not lose my focus on the Lord’s work while planning a wedding and keeping up with relationships at home. Also pray that I can be an encouragement to my house mates and coworkers at the shelter.  To make a tax deductable donation to my living expenses and ministry this summer please write a check to HOPE and on the memo line write HOPE-SO9-LT1. I really appreciate the finical gifts so far.
Consumed by the Call,
Lena Thompson
HOPE Team Member
733 E. Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40202
502 608 8518

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