Posted by: Jessica Rood | July 1, 2009

I am here to stay…for the next year that is.

Over the last month I felt like I should stay for the year long program.  I was not sure if it was what I wanted or what God wanted me to do.  I have been wrestling with it for the last month and after many conversations and praying I have decided to stay on.  I am really excited but scared at the same time.  I know it is going to be a time of amazing growth in relationships with others and with the Lord.

I also know it is going to be a very difficult thing.  Being here is very emotional.  A good example of this was yesterday.  Every week we as a team get together and have a prayer and share.  During this time we just share what is on our hearts and what we need prayer for.  We decided to do last night’s out at Water Front Park.  I had forgotten something in the car so I walked back to the car.  As I was leaving the car I saw two people I knew from the shelter.  I walked a little faster so I could say hi to them before they were gone.  I talked for only a moment and then see you tomorrow.  As I continued to walk across the grass to meet up with the rest of the team I was thinking how I really wish I wasn’t seeing them tomorrow in this specific context.  Today I talked to them briefly and the husband, Greg, was like what are you stalking me, joking around of course. I was like of course not! I asked him how his walk was last night and he said it was good.  They had to get away from the camp where they stay because they were just having a stressful day and needed to get away.  Greg and Hannah are newlyweds and new to Louisville.  They are looking for jobs and an apartment.  Yesterday was just a tough day for them and so they needed some time away and they were  going back to the place they first found peace when they arrived in Louisville.  I have just been thinking about how easily life can change.  I have not talked to either of them tmuch but the little bit I have just shows how difficult it is to start from the bottom.

I am looking forward to all the things God is going to teach me in the next year.  Please pray that what I learn here will be a life changing experience so that I may better serve God and others.


  1. Concentrate on what God wants for you. And enjoy!
    Love you much

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