Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | June 30, 2009


Recently in ministry I have had so many questions going through my mind. How do I balance my time? How do I know if I am resting or being lazy? How do I discern if what I hear is Satan making me feel guilty for not doing something and God convicting me to go out and do something? What is the best way for me to love this person? Or what about that person? And the list goes on.

Having these questions is fine. But in the midst of this I have discovered that in my mind, I am trying to get it all together. I am trying to “work up” to the point when I have ministry “figured out” and have it all together.

I had a really good conversation with 2 girls who also do neighborhood ministry the other day about all of this. We came to the conclusion that we will never have it figured out. Life and people are complex and there is no formula to it all. We also came to the conclusion that ministry will never be comfortable or easy. If it ever is, we should begin to search and figure out what we are doing wrong.

Realizing this has put me more at ease in knowing that it is OK that I don’t have everything figured out. If I thought I had it all figured out then I would not be dependent on God. If ministry was easy I would not be dependent on God. Also, if it was easy then I think we all would be doing it. But it is difficult at times. But through those difficulties, the Lord challenges and grows us in our faith. I love the ways that the Lord has revealed to me through the past 4 years how He “uses ALL things for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

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