Posted by: Lena Thompson | June 26, 2009

It’s been confirmed that the aliens have landed

Happy one month. We are really here, giving up our summer to do what we can to touch the homeless. We are really here. Today I was running in Shelby park  and when I run I like to intercede for wherever i am running. I started praying for our neighborhood and declaring in faith that it would never be the same after this summer that ground would be won for the kingdom of God.

I started thinking about how strange that we must appear to them. When i was running i was the only white person at the park besides my other hope-ies. As i ran people were talking about weed and parties. I started wondering what they thought of me a little white girl listening to her ipod running.

I wonder what our neighbors think when we knock on the door or stop to talk to them. It’s like we are another breed, freaks and i am ok with that.

and we’re not gonna’ leave this world alone.

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