Posted by: Jessica Rood | June 26, 2009

I am okay with not having kids

God has been teaching me so much since I have been here.  I have learned that you can not fully experience God’s love and grace unless He shows you your shortcomings.  He has showed me so many of mine.  One that is very obvious that God showed me was that I have always wanted kids.  Every time I see them I yearn for them so badly.  The other day I was walking in the park and saw a mom, a dad, and two kids playing together.  In my head I was thinking how much I want kids.  Then God spoke to me and said you want kids more then you want me.  I was like wow I do.  At that moment I had such a peace that I have never had before.  Even now almost a week later I still think kids are adorable but I am content with not having any. Once God reveals the sin that is in our heart then we are able to see more clearly His plan.  This is still a daily struggle but so far this summer has been a great renewal in me and my other team mates.


  1. Jess,

    It is so great to hear what you are learning and how God is directing you.

    God Bless


  2. Wow Jess. What a revelation. Some might think it radical to believe that desiring children could be a problem in your relationship with God. How faithful and true is our God who lovingly revelaed to you that that while wanting children is not a bad thing, making that desire an idol that draws your attention from Him and all He has planned for you, is. The peace he has delivered you is affirmation Jess! Oh how He loves you!

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