Posted by: Kerry Spencer | June 26, 2009

Coffee with Ernest

Ernest is my atheist, homeless friend who I have almost nothing in common with (see my March newsletter for more on Ernest). I’ve often wondered why and how we are friends, but we are. We went for coffee again today and Ernest commented that this is the first time he’s been sober while we were hanging out. It showed.

Instead of ranting about science and the Bible as usual, Ernest was genuinely seeking advice and encouragement as to what he needed to do to pick his life up from the gutter. We discussed his options for getting a phone, a job, and a place to stay. We lined out a simple plan that he wants me to hold him accountable to. We also discussed his obvious need to stay away from the bottle.

Ernest is still not interested in my prayers (“a lot of good they’ll do me” – he said) or my advice about his relationship with God (although he did take the book, “The Reason for God,” that I loaned him). Yet it is encouraging that he is seeking to get his life back on track, at least in the physical realm. I’m blessed to be Ernest’s friend and to have the opportunity to encourage him in that pursuit. And whether he likes it or not, I do pray that Ernest will truly find an abundant life, both physically and spiritually.

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