Posted by: Jessica Wilson | June 24, 2009

Gang love vs. Christian love…who really does a better job?

After listening to Francis Chan speak this past Monday I haven’t been able to get his words out of my head….

If I had the opportunity right now, would I really want to know what God desires out of my life? I mean really know His will? Or, would I rather just not know because I have a feeling that what He would show me would be way too scary…? Perhaps I would be the person who waited until I died and looked at Him and said, “I didn’t know you wanted that out of me!”

What would life look like if we, as Christians, let God lead our lives? If we decided to just give up complete control of our hearts and our bodies to do as he wills? How much of an impact would one believer make if they were totally just sold out to the Lord? How much of an impact could a body of believers make on the world if we actually lived out the living, breathing gospel? If we didn’t credit the things that took place in the book of Acts as ‘cultural’ happenings but desired to read that book and just make what we see there… happen here?

Francis Chan said that an ex-gang member, who was fired up on loving the Lord and coming to church, suddenly stopped coming. When asked why he said, “I just had a different idea of what church was all about. When I was in a gang, they had my back. If I slept on the steets, they slept with me. If I was hungry, they gave me food. They protected me; we were family, and not just what I see here on Wednesday and Sunday.” Does a gang on the streets do a better job of representing the family of Jesus Christ than we do as Christians?!

What does it look like to Love our neighbors as we love ourselves, what kind of love does that take? Now…that is a scary thought 🙂

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