Posted by: Lena Thompson | June 23, 2009

May the force be with you

You know those days that the Lord’s grace is on you so strongly that the annointing just takes over. When I woke up this morning I could just feel God’s grace over my mind and my heart. We have started a prayer meeting at 7:30 in the mornings, and this morning after getting to the shelter while we were praying i felt like God was giving me a vision for what is happening right now in our ministry. then i felt strongly that i needed to devote today to relationships and not so much to check lists which i am so guilty of doing. so i started praying about who i should talk to, and the Lord lead  me to this girl that was setting in the back corner and had her head layed over on the table. on the way to talk to her this guy stopped me and inquired about my engagement ring and we started talking about marriage and stuff. then he said that there was another young girl that was married that i should go talk to and he pointed to the same girl. so i though that was a good chance to bail on the conversation with the man.

when i got over there and started talking to her the conversation begin alot like Jesus’ conversation with the samaratian woman, i asked her for adivice about getting married and i asked her about her life.

very quickly we the conversation moved to her families past. See, just last week some of us girls in the house were talking about how diffrent each of our testimonies are and how among the house members we cover alot of ground with anything anyone could possibaly go through, so i started praying that the Lord would use my testimony in the lives of the people in the shelter.

as she started talking about her life i realised that my prayer was answered. her family has a back ground with wiccan, and she herself has been heavely involved in it.  I started asking her questions about their practices and customs and i think she was shocked about how much i knew about it. It was intresting to actually talk to someone on the other side of warfare. She was very open and answered all of my questions.

she told me that her husband ask her to give it up when they got married and so she threw the pendalin in the river. she started telling me about the aweful expirences that she has went through trying to detach herself from these things.

right at the end of the conversation i told her that my grandmother was the head priestest of the acult and my mother and i were in the line to inheret this responsibility. I also shared with her that my mom was trying to get out of all of it when she became a beliver but did not have time to share all of my families testimony of my mom’s deliverence. 

I am so impressed about how open she is and how she wants to get out. she has not yet asked me for help, but i hope to be a testimony of the force that is greater than any hex over her life.

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