Posted by: Asha Davé | June 23, 2009

Day Twenty-eight

Day twenty-eight was yesterday. I was at Sunergos, a coffeeshop by U of L, after hearing Francis Chan speak (which was phenomenal). Next to the plants I was sitting with was a picture of a phrase: “Bloom where you’re planted.” I fell in love. I imagined a flower refusing to bloom because it didn’t like the field it was in or the sidewalk it was on. No, the purpose of a flower is to bloom and be beautiful and to glorify God with it’s beauty. And that’s our purpose too; to be the best we can be wherever we are in order to glorify God.

He has put us all in different places for a reason, and whether you’re in the suburbs or in government housing, you are called to bloom where you’re planted. Love on the people you live with. Get to know your neighbors. Don’t be a picky flower and choose not to bloom just because you don’t like the pot you’ve been planted in.


  1. thanks for the words of wisdom and the smile it brought to my face as i pictured a flower refusing to bloom and how ridiculous i must look to the Lord when Im “refusing to bloom” where he has me. Great reminder Asha!

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