Posted by: Jessica Rood | June 22, 2009

The World I Never Knew

The inner city is like a completely different world.  I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and had a comfortable life.  I still have the comfortable life. Everyone in my family has a car, my brother even has one and he does not have a licence.  There are several TVs and computers as well.  This summer with the HOPE program we are challenged to give up our comfortable lives.  One of the reasons is to live simply and rely on God but the other reason is to live like a lot of our neighbors.  Every week we are suppose to share a meal with someone in our neighborhood so we can get to know them better.  This past week we invited two ladies and their grandchildren.  They were not able to eat with us because the one lady was sick.  They came over to tell us that they would not be able to come over because they were on their way to the emergency room.  They were going to walk to the ER.  Walk!!  I would suppose that they can not afford an ambulance and they do not have a car so that is how you get to the ER.  The lady could hardly breath because her chest hurt.  She had been sick with bronchitis.  We have four cars at our house and everyone of us has a car but some did not choose to bring them.  We offered to drive them and they accepted.  This was such a reality check to me.   A lot of people here do not have cars and other luxuries that I grew up with.  God is teaching me through this that we are able to use what he has given us for people but also to live in a way that is not wrapped around consumerism.  A life of consumerism is comfortable and what many of us grew up in.  There is nothing wrong with that but there is also places in our backyard that can not live like this.  This is challenging to be use what he has given me and help the poor.

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