Posted by: Jessica Rood | June 17, 2009

First Days in Louisville

I love the city! On the way to Louisville we were driving by a city and I stated that I do not think I would ever want to live that close to neighbors. Then I realized that is what I was going to be doing this summer. So far living so close to neighbors has been one of my favorite things. I love getting to know the neighbors. They are so friendly. Saturdays are our community outreach days. We do not go to the shelter but instead we spend the day in the neighborhood in which we live getting to know our neighbors. Today we did a prayer walk in our neighborhood and the ones surrounding it. It was a great experience. We met a sweet elderly lady, Dorothy that my team member Lindsey knew. Dorothy lives by herself and is very busy but she took time out of her schedule to talk to us. She could use some prayer in working through bitterness she is dealing with. It was very nice getting to know her and I am looking forward to seeing her again.
Lindsey has been with HOPE for over a year. She came to HOPE last summer and God called her to stay for the year program. It is very nice to have someone on our team that knows the ropes. I love my team members. There are 12 team members all together. There are seven girls and five guys. They are from all over the country. They are from Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida. The guys live at Jefferson Street Baptist Center, which is the homeless shelter we work at during the day. The girls live in a very cute house. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. In my bedroom are Lindsey, Asha, Kiana, and I. In the other bedroom is Emily, Lena, and Jess. At first I thought this was going to be horrible. It is not bad at all; we do not fight over the bathroom and are never late for anything.
I am getting to know my female team members very well. They are all very sweet and genuine. We have shared testimonies with each other. It is so awesome to see how God uses all different people from different walks of life to further His kingdom. I am not getting to know the guys nearly as well but that will come with time. Yesterday we had a scavenger hunt around the city. In between each place we had to share an interesting fact about our selves. It was a neat way to learn a little more about each person. It was also a great way to get familiar with Louisville.
Most of the past week we have had training so we have not worked in the Day Shelter much. We had training on Thursday. I am really going to enjoy working there. Before church on Sundays two girls will to go work at the Day Shelter. Jess and I are going tomorrow so it will be our first official day. I am looking forward to it and pray that God will use us there and make a difference by showing them the love that God has shown us.
We have not had much time yet to get to know our neighbors yet but the little time that we have has been amazing. There is a park a few blocks away where we have met some of the cutest kids ever. We have been over there twice and they just keep giving us hugs and teaching us clapping games. Today we are going to go back over there and spending some more time playing with them; just getting to know them and spend time with them. So far I have loved this part the most.
I want to ask you to pray for me. This whole experience is still very new and I am still getting use to everything. Please pray for the relationships that will be forming between my team members and I. Also, pray for the relationships that are going to be formed at Jefferson Street. Please also pray for our neighborhood, Smoketown, and the one where the park is, Shelby Park. I would also like you to pray for the church that I will be attending this summer. Pray that we are all able to connect with the church members and also for the people we will meet and direct to a church so that they have somewhere to find love even after we are gone. I would also like to ask you for your continuing financial support. There is still a great need for financial support. We would not be able to do what we are doing with the homeless without your support. If you are able please pray about supporting me in this ministry.
I am really eager see what God is going to be doing in Louisville this summer. I can already see so many amazing things happening in this city.

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