Posted by: Matt Norton | June 16, 2009

All Alone

Chris, a resident, who just moved in last week and from what I can gather he is a very nice guy came in drunk tonight.  Our residents need to be clean to be in the program and so when they come in drunk we breathalize them.  The staff on duty asked me and another Hope guy to help him with Chris just in case there were any problems.  As we stood with Chris he started into a drunken ramble, but in it all I could hear a little bit of what he was feeling in his heart.  He was talking about being alone.  He said that he had no one in the world and he just needs some help, someone to direct and guide him.  I could see the pain in his eyes and I could see him gauging Darrell and I.  He was determining if he could trust, if we were there to help or shun him.

When the other staff showed up and we tried to administer the breathalizer test Chris refused.  He said he wouldn’t take it.  As he walked off the 2nd shift guy told him he could cooperate or we were calling the police to escort him off the property.

Unfortunately, Chris didn’t cooperate, so we waited fo the police.  As I sat waiting in the front office I prayed.  Chris, a man who says he is a Christ follower, feels isolated from love, isolated from community, and isolated from support.  He feels lost in this world, as if he is a mistake, something  accidentally given life.  My heart went out for him.  I wanted to find a way to help and fix his problems right then and there, but I know it’s not that easy.  I know that his pain, problems, and lostness run deeper than I can imagine and it will take God’s power working through God’s people to start to bring transformation to his broken life.

When the police arrived Chris slowly got ready to make his way out into the rain.  The two cops stood watching him get his things together then escorted him out.  Once outside he didn’t move.  I stood by the door and watched him.  He was standing in the rain with his bag, his umbrella unopened at his side, looking forlorn as the rain started to soak him.  After a few minutes the police yelled at him in their intercom to move along, but he continued to stand there.  He had no where to go and no one to look to for help.  Finally, the police got out of thier cars and after some rather harsh words got him off the property.

I don’t know what to do with cases like Chris, a nice enough guy with no direction and no support network.  As part of the Body of Christ, I want to reach out to him and telling him of Christ saving grace.  I desire to see his life changed and transformed as he sees his sin but realizes that Christ’s sacrifice was sufficient and with his faith he is grafted into the family of believers.

That sounds so nice and easy, but it isn’t.  This world is a mess and we need a Savior, and that is found in Jesus Christ, our Lord.  I pray that Chris gets help and that Christ transforms his life. I pray that all believers see our calling to reconcile the world to God through Christ. There are so many hurt, confused, lost, and downtrodden people in the world and I pray that God convicts me every day to go out and work for him to restore people to him.

Please continue to pray for the Hope team and our ministry here in Louisville.  Pray that we live as living sacrifices for Christ and he may work through us.  Pray for the homeless and all the marginalized people of the world.  Let us reach out.

Thank you for all your love and support.  Now I’m off to bed.

May the grace, peace and love of Christ be with you always!


  1. while im sure you all have had to deal with some hard things during the year…i think that story seems like one of the most difficult that i’ve read through these blogs. Watching someone continue to walk down a path that has no HOPE and not having to power do anything about it is quite despairing. But these moments bring us to a crossroads to decide- do we trust in the power and sovereignty of the Lord to bring people to Himself… without our help? Watching Chris walk away, while difficult, should be the moment of ultimate trust in the Lord and His plan. Praise God that we aren’t capable of changing people and praise God that we have access, through prayer, to the only One who is capable. I hope we can all be praying that the love and Hope of Jesus Christ opens Chris’ mind and heart so that he may never live in loneliness again.
    -praying for you and the awesome HOPE TEAM!!

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