Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | June 1, 2009

June Newsletter

June Newsletter

A year ago this past Tuesday I moved to Louisville. I had just graduated college and a few weeks later hopped on a Greyhound to live in a state I had never been to, all to follow a passion for the homeless that the Lord had planted in my heart. I cannot believe that it has been a year.

This past Saturday I moved out of the house I was currently in, into a house in a neighborhood called Smoketown to live with the girls coming for the HOPE summer term. Saturday was busy as I was met by friends who volunteered their time to helping move furniture and other things into the new house. I tried to get things ready as much as I could, and before I knew it, it was Tuesday.

First of all, I have to say that I am so excited to have other girls on the team and to be living in a house with a group of people who share the same vision to minister to the neighbors who live around us. The second day I was here, I met a lady across the street who brought over hamburgers and chips for a friend and I to eat for dinner. Later that day, there were four or five kids riding scooters down the street who yelled out “hey neighbors”. Later on, after the team arrived we were walking around Shelby Park and met a group of girls 4-11 years old and played with them. Things like this are what make me come alive. Getting to know those who are living life right down the street from me, building relationships, loving and serving them. And I know that this is not of me. These are passions and desires that the Lord has placed in my heart.

The new team is awesome. It is amazing to hear everyone’s stories and the unique ways that God brought each of us here to Louisville to do HOPE. We finished up the first week of training, and today was our first day of community outreach. We split up and walked around our neighborhood, praying for people, safety, and the neighborhood in general. As we walked around, we stopped and talked to people who were outside their houses. Some of the team had the opportunity to talk to a lady and the lady was straight-forward in asking if they would pray for her. They also got to meet some of the neighbors on our block and introduce themselves.

I and the ladies that were walking with me stopped by to see a woman that I lived next door to last summer. She is an elderly lady in her 70’s that the summer team last year had gotten to know pretty well. When we knocked on her door, she invited us in and talked to us for about an hour. She shared her story with the other two girls and how she has experienced a lot of physical and emotional abuse in her past. My heart is still burdened for her as bitterness from the things that have happened to her is still extremely prevalent in her life. Last summer we made her a a card telling her all of the things that she was i.e. “fearfully and wonderfully made”, “loved”, etc, in Christ and where these truths were found in Scripture. As we continue to visit her, I pray that God would use us to share truth, encourage, and help her to fight the bitterness in her life.

I am so excited about what God has in store for this summer. I am excited about the new friendships that are to come and continuing old friendships. I am excited about the ways that God will challenge and grow us. The new team members have been a breath of fresh air as they have come in with a new energy and passion. Their energy has re-energized me to hold fast and perservere in my last few months here.

Please pray for unity among the team members as we get to know each other and live life so closely together in living and working together. Please pray for safety in our neighborhood as well as our time out getting to know our neighbors. Thank you for all your love and support.

In Him,
Lindsey Albertson

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