Posted by: Matt Norton | May 31, 2009

I would just like say that God is good and that intentional Christian community is so beneficial.  Community is far from easy but the fruit of it is so amazing and I think God looks down and smiles when he sees us trying to be the church and live in unity under him.

I have spent many years only half committing myself to community but this year I have had no other choice but to commit 100%. “Being all in” is often hard and incredibly sacrificial, but I am starting to see why God desires for us to be in close community with one another As I experience this I can say that Proverbs 27:17 is right, that “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Giving only as much as is comfortable will bring about only minimal change, when God will produce miraculous change in all involved if we let him.

Tonight I had many examples of this.  The whole Hope team (12 in all) went to the ladies house to watch “The Second Chance”.  When we got done we had a discussion.  While we discussed I could see/feel everyone’s sincerity for growing in Christ’s love for God and people.  We’ve only been together a few days, but God is already working in mighty ways in bringing unity among us.

A few times Lindsey, Kerry and I were able to express to the group all that God has done to unite us over the past year. The three of us have come a long way and it has only been through Christ’s strength and humility that we have been able to become so close.  I pray that we grow just as close to the summer team.

Finally, I have also been blessed to feel the bond of Christ between myself and other staff members and residents.  There is a certain humility and love in the Christians around me that has been so new and refreshing to me. (also very biblical)  I can talk to my higher ups and they don’t hold authority over me.  They love me and treat me as an equal and desire for me to grow closer to Christ.

I have written this to let you know that God is working in the community here and it has affected me in very positive ways.  I pray that God continues to work in this community and in the community of believers as a whole.  (some of this may have been rambling and I apologize, but it’s exciting to see God working so evidently)

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