Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | April 25, 2009

hanging out

So yesterday after work, a friend met me outside of Jeff St and we ran from there to downtown across the 2nd street bridge and back. When we got back to Jeff St we sat outside in front of the building and were just talking. As we were sitting there, 2 guys that I recognized from the day shelter walked by and plopped down to sit with us. Richard and Evan have been coming into Jeff St for a while and I have gotten to know them both fairly well. I introduced them to my friend and we all just sat outside and talked.

Richard pulled out some papers he had printed off at the library that had jokes and funny responses to pick up lines on them. He shared them with us and we all sat around laughing at them. He told us how he will bring in one a day to Jeff St and share it with some of the other guests to make them laugh.

We talked about a mutual friend that used to come into Jeff St but had recently moved back home with her parents and how we missed her. Then Evan pulled out a planner that he had found and showed it to me. As I looked through his planner I saw first thing every morning that he had Jeff St written down. Some repeated routines that I noticed were “work”, “get lunch at St. John’s”, “be back at campsite by 8:30”, and “give plasma” (to make some extra money). I found the things in his daily routines interesting. Even though I see him pretty much every day, I don’t see what goes on outside of the shelter. I feel like I am learning something new about my friends who are homeless all the time..just when I think I understand or know it all.
Getting to sit around and talked with these friends outside of work was awesome. I hope to have more opportunities like that in the near future.

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