Posted by: Kerry Spencer | January 25, 2009


Last night I had one of those interesting experiences that come with living at a homeless shelter. One of our newest residents, Carl, was suspended for breaking our alcohol policy his first night here. Late last night he came in anyway asking to get into his room. He was sloppy drunk, having trouble speaking and walking. Due to his suspension we couldn’t let him into his room and told him he’d have to leave. Because of his drunken state and the fact that the temperature was around freezing I decided to give him a ride to where he was staying: an abandoned building, or in his words an “abandominium.”

On the drive there, Matt and I asked him about his life and his addiction. He told us he had no plan and no hope. We tried to share that the only true hope is found in Jesus Christ. Carl told us he doesn’t believe in Jesus as God’s son, but he does believe in God. We challenged him to pray to God and ask him to reveal the truth to him. We also pray for him before we dropped him off at his abandominium. He was very appreciative of the ride and our prayers. I guess the rest is in God’s hands.

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