Posted by: Kerry Spencer | December 14, 2008

an average week

My teammates, Lindsey and Matt, and I have been talking about how our days and weeks seem to run together. We’ve been serving here at Jeff. St. for over 3 months now. In some ways, every day is unique. But in another sense, our lives are very much programmed and cyclical. The repetition of the same activities over and over makes it hard to distinguish one week from another. As a result, I’ve felt like I’ve been in somewhat of a rut lately. Because I find it hard to come up with exceptional happenings, I’ve felt like things weren’t going all that great. I’ve felt like maybe I wasn’t doing what I ought to be doing.

But recently Matt made the wise observation that in comparison to other periods of our lives, even an average week here is pretty remarkable. Maybe I’ve forgotten what my “normal” life is often like. Most of my life, I’ve not been much of a servant. Most of my life, I’ve found it difficult to be a witness on a daily basis. Most of my life, I’ve known I should be doing more, but have not been sure how to go about it.

Since moving into the homeless shelter at Jeff. St., I’ve had the opportunity to serve hundreds of needy people every week. Every week, I have numerous meaningful and God-ordained conversations with these people. Every week, I am a part of a unique community of fascinating guys. Every week, I’m blessed to interact and serve alongside my wonderful teammates and the other Jeff. St. staff. Every week, by His grace, God uses me as His witness and ambassador.

It is truly by God’s grace that I am what I am (1 Corinthians 15:10). It is by His grace that I have the opportunities that I have. It is by His grace and equipping that I do not flub up ever single one of those opportunities. I give God the glory for any good that comes of the ministry He’s given me. I’m so thankful that He’s chosen to give me the opportunity to serve the needy here at Jeff. St. I’m so thankful for another average week.

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