Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | December 10, 2008

Worth it

Since working here at Jeff St, there are two women that I have gotten the opportunity to know and become close with. Right now, in both of these relationships, I have gotten to the place where things are not always “sunshine and flowers”.
One of the ladies, Martha, and I have been doing Bible study together for the past 2 months. Sometimes, I wonder if I even know what I am doing. The other lady, Alicia, moved. At first I was discouraged because I felt like we had finally been making progress in our conversations about God. For the past 5 months we had gone in circles in our conversations, getting nowhere it seemed. Right before she left we had an awesome conversation about grace and we both agreed to do a Bible study on grace together. So why would God have her leave? Since she has left we have kept in touch on the phone and continued our conversations and even agreed to do a Bible study via phone.

Neither one of these ladies come into Jeff St anymore. One has a place and one moved. So honestly, if I wanted to, I could not call or keep in touch. I could walk away if I wanted. And when things have gotten tough or discouraging in our relationship, the thought has crossed my mind. But just because something is hard does not mean that it is not worth it. Something that God has been teaching me the past few years of my life is the need to fight for relationships. God has called me to be a part of these women’s lives and I love both of them. My friendship with them is such a blessing, but that doesn’t mean that it is always fun.

Also, I definitely need God in the midst of these relationships. I need him to help me not to give up. I need him to help me love and speak truth to them.

Please pray for Martha and Alicia and the things that God has in store for them as well as me. Pray that God would continue to show me why this is worth it

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