Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | November 21, 2008

a battle

This past summer, there was a man who came into the shelter who had been an alcoholic for 31 years. HE had come in a time or two and talked about how he had tried to quit but had failed. He was really down and out about his failed attempts. After a few weeks of this and after talking to a few of the staff here he decided to check himself into rehab. We were all so excited. He seemed so determined to change his life around. When he left he told us “When I get out in 6 months, I will be a different person!”

I didn’t forget what he said and couldn’t wait to see him when he got out. One of the staff members here told me that he had relapsed and come in drunk but then checked himself back into rehab. This past week, I was working in the front desk and looked up to see this clear-eyed, sober and shaven man. He was still in rehab but stopped by to see if we had any Bibles that he could take back to the center that he was at. He was all smiles. I cannot explain how exciting it was to see him clean and sober!

This isn’t the end of the story though. A few weeks later he came back in drunk again. He has been coming in for the past few days drunk. A staff member who has been talking with him from the beginning, has been continuing to talk to him, challenge, and encourage him. He informed me that the man is checking himself back into rehab tonight.

For me, I have never experienced anything like this before. This is all new to me. This man longs to be free from his addiction and he is literally fighting for that freedom. I wish that I could fix all of his problems for him, but this is something that I cannot fix. At the same time, in all of this, he has been talking alot about God and says that he is a Christian. I pray that he is and if he is not, that God will open his eyes and heart.

Please pray for this man. I do not know what tomorrow will bring for him, but I know that he is in an immense battle that I cannot even imagine. Pray that he would not give up and that God would be glorified in all of this. Pray that the staff at Jeff St. would know how to encourage and help him in the middle of all of this.


  1. Lindsey, thank you for this update. I will keep him in my prayers. I am glad to know that he is still fighting and isn’t giving up. That is encouraging!

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