Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | October 13, 2008


So this is what my day looked like today ( just thought i would share)

Woke up at 6:30

Got to work a little after 7

As soon as I walk in the shelter a man I know named Mickey comes up to me and tells me that he has bad news. He tells me that he went to the doctor and that he has a hole in his heart the size of a nickel and at age 42 he has been given 6 months to live. I had just arrived and was in the midst of a church group serving breakfast when he told me this. As soon as the words hit my ears I was in shock and felt like my mind had stopped while the rest of the world continued on. I did not know what to say to him besides “I’m sorry” which were not the words I was looking for. Mickey had to go sit down with his plate of breakfast caserole, banana and biscuit to let others behind him get there food but assured me that we would talk later.

I went up to the front desk to work and greeted folks as I checked them into the computer and checked their mail. I had one man sing to me as he was a little intoxicated, a lady get mad at me for asking for her ID, and a man tell me that he did not need a TB test (which we require for everyone who comes in) because he owned the state of Kentucky.

We (Me, Matt, and Kerry) left for church around 10:45 and 2 guys from the shelter went with us. The worship music was awesome. None of it was upbeat, it was all mellow…which seemed to fit the mood that i was in. I enjoyed it alot.

After church we dropped both of the guys off where they had asked us to, then headed to Waterfront where the police department was giving out free hotdogs and chili. (who doesnt love free food?!) We went to eat, hang out and throw frisbee. Mickey (the man i mentioned earlier) was also there. he came up and continued to talk to us about his health. He talked about trying to be positive despite his circumstances and how he wanted to get his life together in the last few months that he might have. Kerry asked him what he thought of God and what he thought of Jesus. He proceeded to tell us and said that he had not been to church in 21 years. We got to talk to him about Jesus and how there is nothing that we can do to make him love us less and nothing we could do to make him love us more. none of it is deserved, he just loves us…unconditionally. He told us that he believed that. The conversation ended with him telling us that he wanted to go to church with us next week.

Right after he left, another guy we knew named Amos walked up with a friend. We talked to them for a little while and asked if they wanted to play frisbee. So we did….until they cut the sprinklers on and we got sprayed. After that we sat down and talked some more. Out of nowhere Amos started asking me about God and things that he didnt understand. I answered a few of his questions and told him that there were still things that I didnt know or understand about God. We continued to talk and he also ended the conversation saying that he wanted to go to church with us next week!

So how awesome is this? God is on the move here. I love that I go to a park to get a hotdog and leave having had 2 conversations about God. I love that when i leave Jeff St at the end of the day, ministry does not end.

After that I went home and listened to Patty Griffin and talked to my dad on the phone for an hour and read. I did some other stuff too…but this thing is getting long so i will stop there.


  1. what a day that was. God is so cool and so good at using all circumstances!

  2. yeah . . . I enjoyed it too. God is good.

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