Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | October 11, 2008

I work at a homeless shelter…

Where to begin? I have to say that I absolutely loooooove going into work at the shelter every morning…even if i have to be there at 7am. I look forward to it. I also have to say that the story of how God brought me to Louisville and the HOPE program still leaves me in awe of God’s plan for my life thus far. I love the folks that come I get to see everyday and have never been more passionate about something.

One thing that I have experienced since being here is that it is easy to become comfortable, as Kerry mentioned earlier. I know how things work at the shelter now. It is easy to do my job and leave at the end of the day. To be simply be nice and smile and give someone their towel and washcloth is easy. I have caught myself asking someone how their day is going and when they reply that they are “hanging in there” or “getting by” i just say “oh, ok” and don’t stop to ask. It takes effort to care. It takes initiative to ask questions and engage in conversation. It is easy to say “oh yea i work at a homeless shelter. I am loving the poor.” But am I really? Am I loving them when I am OK with sitting on the other side of a counter and giving out things but not engaging and caring about who they are? This is something that I have begun to ask myself.

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