Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | September 23, 2008

2nd week

Sooo…alot of things have happened in the past week. Things are going a little better. Things aren’t as overwhelming as they were the first few days. I got moved into a house for the year with 4 other girls. It is a house intended for intentional Christian community. The girls all are doing different things (going to seminary, working part time, and working full time), but we have Bible study together every Monday night and have a meal together every Friday night. So far I am really enjoying living there and the getting to know the girls.

In the Bible study we are reading Knowing God by J.I. Packer. When I found out that it was a book on theology I cringed and was not too excited about it. But last night we talked about how theology is the study of God and through studying him we know him more. The book also talked about how we should find our motive in studying God. Is it just so that we would have more knowledge or is it to understand and know God because we desire deeper intimacy with him? Also, I have a friend here who I have become close with. She asks me alot of spiritual questions and alot of times I dont know what to tell her..sooooo. All of that to say, God is changing my view on theology and challenging me in this way.


  1. Lindsey I am so glad you have a place to live with girls that will help encourage you. That community as we know is very essential to your time in Louisville. Im so glad that God worked all that out. I am praying for you friend. Let God use you even if that means stretching you.

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