Posted by: Lindsey Albertson | September 17, 2008

the wind storm didn’t get me either!!

The past few days have been a little crazy for me. I am back in Louisville, the same place I lived this summer, but at the same time…not alot is familiar. The past few days I have constantly been around people that I do not know. Being introverted..this has worn me out. I am the only girl on the team for the year and at first that kinda scared me. I am still a little scared about what all this will look like but the fright is wearing off a little. 

So be first few days back in Louisville have been kinda hard. I drove up from NC with my mom on Saturday and she flew back to NC on Sunday. That was really hard to say goodbye. When I left her at the airport I kinda had a breakdown with the realization that I just left my home and everything that has been familiar to me. And there I was alone in the car thinking…what in the world? (and then the huge wind storm happened that knocked down trees and power lines and 3 days later 60% of Louisville still doesnt have power)…so that was all craziness in itself.

Things have not gotten easier since then but God has been right beside me holding my hand through it all. I went to Jeff St for the first time today. I cannot tell you how great it was to see guests at the shelter that I knew. So many folks told me that they missed me and couldnt believe i had come back. One guy told me that it was good to have smiling faces because not alot of people are smiling around there. I got to talk with 2 women who I had gotten close with this summer which was awesome and one of the men came in and saw me and started singing me a song.  It was sooo soo good to see all of them and the folks on staff at Jeff St. I missed them all alot. Being at Jeff St was very refreshing for me and a reminder of why I am here. I also got to spend some good time with Jesus after work which was much needed. So…this evening I am feeling a little better…taking it one day at a time.


  1. Lindsey- I am so very proud of the woman you are becoming. Change is frightening and stops many people from moving forward. It is much easier to remain in a place that you know. It is also important to know that there is such a place to return to when needed and feel that unconditional love that family can provide. I love you very much- Sharon

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