Posted by: Matt Norton | September 16, 2008

Hey Guys I made it safely! The Crazy wind storm didn’t get me.

I knew all summer that this fall I would be taking the year off from DePauw and serving in the homeless shelter at Jefferson Street Baptist Center in Louisville, Ky. I had gone and served at Jeff st. for a mission trip over spring break last year, but I still didn’t know what all my upcoming year would entail. As I went through the summer I prayed that God would prepare me in whatever way necessary. When I had time to sit down and think about this unorthodox year long absence from school sometimes I would get excited and other times I would be nervous. I would wonder how my transition into the new environment would be. I asked myself whether or not I am capable to do this at such a young age. I realize that in those times when I doubted myself and God and still continue to doubt I am taking my eyes of God’s goal. I am not being Christ-centered, but self-centered. I am not thinking about how to show God’s glory, love, and power on this earth, but relying on my knowledge and wisdom to watch my own skin. I forget that God gave me the gift of life as a gift. I am to live every day in obedience to Him in order to understand Him, His creation, and His character more and more. When i realized that and started to put my trust in God I felt at ease. I know that God is in control and He has continually affirmed that even within my first week here in Louisville.

Since I’ve moved into the apartment here at the homeless shelter I have loved this place. God has blessed me with a great community here. First, I have a great Hope team. There is one other guy Kerry and then our female team member Lindsey. All the senior staff members are tremendous. They’re all very friendly, fun, and loving. They have welcomed our team with open arms and hearts. The guys that are in the transitional and permanent housing are super friendly too. They love to sit down and chat about anything. Finally, the day shelter is own of the most exciting things. It’s the place open from 7-3 to the homeless at Jeff st. There I work in the kitchen handing out some basic amenities like soap, toothbrushes, combs, and shampoo. I see and talk to so many people every day. They are all great people with such interesting and diverse stories. I am already settling in here and loving every minute of it.

God Bless You All!

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